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Internet / AI Technology University (ITU/AITU)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Java and Python at ITU

ABOUT ITS, INC. Since 1997 Internet Technology University and its consulting branch, Internet Technology Systems(ITS, Inc.) offer education and consulting in the latest trends of software development. We solve challenging technical tasks - the most interesting solutions have been patented and published - we share ideas and best practices in books, articles, and at International Conferences.
Check some of our publications:
- Software Semantic Evolution with SOA and Microservices
- IT of the future: Big Data and Semantic/Cognitive Computing
- Top Development Skills

At we describe our approach to training. Most of the schools and training courses cannot work around individual differences. They look for mainstream students aligned with the pace and style of the course, which is usually about 30% of the group.

We offer individual guidance to each student to begin and advance a career of a developer, helping to become a capable and confident professional.

ITU is registered as one of the best Employment Training programs in AI, Web and Mobile Apps, Big Data and Business Intelligence. This is not only cool stuff to learn but very attractive for potential employers looking for these hard-to-find skills.

Several months study at ITU is a valid alternative to three to six years of college. Instead of a degree and a sizable loan, for a fraction of the cost ($20/lesson), you open a door to IT, learn fundamentals and start programming robots and games, create your own web and mobile intelligent apps. Technical background is not required, but helps you moving faster.

Online study is helping many people across the world in the learning process. There are several websites such as, Udemy and Total Training, which provide access to thousands of course libraries.
However, most of online courses have the following common limitations:
- One approach for all students
All students are different, which is why one single tutorial on a subject might not be able to answer all the questions that each individual student might have. This can become quite a problem for those who need to ask a question, but do not have the right resources and left to their devices to find answers.
- Too Many Useless Connections
When investing time to study from a tutorial, students realize that it had little to no relevance to the subject matter – or added very little value to their knowledge.
- No Hands-On Experience
Online tutorials in most cases hardly give students any exposure to real-life projects, just providing simple, often not even complete, examples.

We offer students personalized guidance from an experienced instructor.
IT University carefully navigates around thousands of existing subjects and tools and provides a selected set of courses that help building the ladder to the latest internet technologies. At each step of the ladder, students grow their confidence by working in small teams on real projects. This set of courses is well integrated and optimized for the area of the biggest demand giving the students great chance for a job and a career. The schools uses innovative methods of education. Read more here: [2].

These methods focus on soft skills, such as art of Critical Thinking and Communications, important pre-requisites to Knowledge Engineering and to the science of Integrated Software and Knowledge Architecture. Integrated Software and Knowledge Engineering is not offered in the colleges and universities although these skills are quickly becoming dominant in development arena.
Growing importance of communications skills is gradually changing demography of a development crowd. Women, who naturally communicate more than men, have an advantage here. Find more about the upcoming changes in the article about Women and Men in IT and overall management.
The biggest benefit of online training is still there, students can study at their convenient time with their personal pace, while working under guidance of an experience instructor, who assists a student in getting a job as a developer, consultant, or a start-up entrepreneur.

For several professional areas the time for "profession for life" is over. Quick learner is the most important profession.
AI opens new horizons that we did not see before. We recognize new opportunities and start doing new things, things that we could not even imagine today. This spiral leads to even more opportunities – translated into more jobs, which require new skills. Increasing productivity means increasing paycheck and improving quality of life, especially for those who acquired the skills.

The bottleneck is our ability to quickly learn and change. Can traditional education do the trick? Apparently not.

We need and we can change the formula of education.

Internet Technology University (ITU)
We have patents and publications to Accelerate Sharing Knowledge with Conversational Semantic Decision Support - Ask CSDS - a set of AI components.
The system helps any subject matter expert to transform her or his knowledge into well-structured materials effectively empowering a training process.
The system also tracks a student engagement at each point of study taking into account individual learning differences.

If this sounds like magic and you would like to become a magician: join us!
We teach AI development skills - the skills that are in the highest demand today. And we teach AI with AI.

Why Java and Python are primary programming at ITU

Web applications with full stack is the mainstream of modern development.

So, why Java? Why not Ruby on Rails, one of the simplest frameworks, or PHP?

Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP and more scripting languages are designed to make web applications easy. This choice provides simple ways for simple applications, quick results for prototypes, but comes short of delivering production enterprise software. As soon as a developer abandons this simplicity and starts deepening into any business or science domain, s/he needs a set of rich libraries. Fortunately, millions Java developers add these libraries to open source on daily basis. At the same time Python is quickly growing with Machine Learning (ML) libraries. Those who speak Java can easily navigate in the Python world.


In the Web Frameworks section you find Java-based frameworks, such as Spring and more, which are similar to Rails in simplicity but offers more diversity and integration capacity. This is just part of full stack technology. The students choose projects in the area of their interests: Biotech, Robots, Drones, Games, Stock Market, etc.
We train beginners and professionals in the fundamentals and the latest advances in technology and computer architecture.
Whether you want to work for a software company, become a well-paid IT consultant or a a start-up entrepreneur, we help you get a lucrative job in the industry you love.

Never pay up-front, only for the lesson you have learned and completely satisfied - usually about $20/lesson - to open the next lesson for you.
Join IT University now. Check the opportunity to become a certified instructor and enjoy learning, teaching and consulting.

Join ITU/AITU: one of the Best Online Training Providers in Colorado and USA

Internet / AI Technology University (ITU/AITU) focuses on Accelerated Knowledge Sharing with AI.
We patented and use Conversational Semantic Decision Support (CSDS) systems.
CSDS improves learner-consultant-expert connections helping sharing knowledge in a highly efficient manner.
Every student deserves a personal AI tutor, capable to adapt to her/his learning specifics.
Technology that we offer and How this works: English | Spanish | Russian | French
- Knowledge-Driven Architecture | Driving applications with business scenarios
- Adaptive Mobile Robot System | Integrating software and knowledge engineering with robotic technologies
- Collaborative security and decision making | Turning a beautiful idea of collaborative decision into a system
- Rules Collector System and Method | Formalizing expert knowledge into rules in expert-computer brainstorming
- Distributed Active Knowledge and Process | Collaborative access and negotiation for data and services
- Development Factory | US Patent | Conversational Development, Manufacturing, and Marketing